WATCH: Petrol pill scam is going viral

WATCH: Petrol pill scam is going viral

Petrol in South Africa has become so expensive that people will believe every possible scam. 


Two videos of people using what appears to be a new pill that supposedly makes your fuel last longer has been doing the rounds on social media.

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In the video, you see a woman filling up her car at a petrol station when she explains that using this “petrol pill” will help with fuel consumption.

In another video, a man can be seen explaining the tabs before popping one into his fuel tank.

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Arrive Alive commented on the video saying: “We warn motorists of using all types of misfuelling... when in doubt do not use them. Listen to the vehicle experts and be cautious of fake news and gimmicks.”

Watch the video below:

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Image: zakithi.l.mabaso/TikTok

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