Lights out! These household appliances consume the most energy...

Lights out! These household appliances consume the most energy...

How much energy does your hairdryer consume in a day?

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As we sit in the comfort of our homes, watching TV, with the surround sound, and our phones plugged in, there isn't much of a care in the world because this is our downtime. Our time to relax and chill... Netflix and chill, right?

However, the meter doesn't relax or have downtime, it just keeps tallying it all and eventually you won't be able to relax either, because come month end, the bill will arrive. 

Besides the fact that electricity tariffs go up every so often and we don't even notice, the appliances we have in our homes draw quite a hefty bit of current...

As a way of encouraging good electricity conservation habits, we want to shed some light (see what we did there?) on the appliances that draw the most current in our homes.

"Understanding which appliances consume the most energy can help you better manage your electricity usage and maintain the country’s power grid more steadily." (Political Analysis)

Win, win. 

According to the Political Analysis website, the appliances that consume the most energy are:

High-consumption appliances: Stove, washing machine, refrigerator, geyser, air conditioner, heaters, and swimming pool pump.

Surprisingly high-consumption appliances: Hairdryers, gadgets, old appliances, kettle, oven, and television.


If you are wondering what falls under 'gadgets', wonder no more. These include cellphones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. These require charging, which can take up a lot of power. 

So be sure to unplug your charger, not only from your device but from your wall socket as well. A better option to using a hairdryer would be towel drying. 

As for old appliances, we know the saying "if it ain't broke...", but sometimes old appliances lose their energy efficiency, thereby using more energy to function. Of course, we're not telling you to buy new appliances, but if you were in the market for one, then do your research, it could save you in the long run. 

Image Courtesy of Unsplash Website

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