Tshwane, Joburg emergency services on high alert amid persistent rain

Tshwane, Joburg emergency services on high alert amid persistent rain

Emergency services in Tshwane and Johannesburg were on high alert on Wednesday amid persistent rain in Gauteng.

For rainy days

While there have not been any reports of injuries or deaths due to flooding, residents have been warned to remain vigilant.

Joburg emergency spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi says people living in low-lying areas need to be extra cautious.

“It’s raining in most parts of the City of Joburg, most roads are wet and slippery. We want to urge all our motorists to exercise caution while driving, extend a safe following distance and also try and avoid crossing wet roads or bridges which might have been flooded overnight.

“And also our residence in our low-lying areas to monitor the water levels and avoid crossing man-made bridges, and also be on the lookout for pedestrians. From our side we will remain on high alert, monitoring all seven regions of the city to make sure that we can be able to respond to any water-related emergencies which might occur.”

In Tshwane, spokesperson Charles Mabaso says emergency services are monitoring the Centurion area.

“We have been monitoring the low-water bridges around Centurion, (but) the rise in water is not above the bridges. Should there be a rise above the road surface we will activate necessary resources to close those low-water bridges.”

Meanwhile, Eskom generation group executive Phillip Dukashe says the rain in Gauteng does increase the risk of wet coal.

However, he says the utility has put contingency measures in place.  

“It does increase the risk, particularly if it's raining in areas where coal power stations are because we are dealing with wet coal, which has to be transported. But in all of these stations we have a plan and those plans are robust, they have been tested and in the last year they have really proven to be successful.”


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