Love to sleep? Then this job opening is for you

Love to sleep? Then this job opening is for you

No one can fire you for sleeping on the job here...

Photo of sleeping man
Photo of sleeping man/Pexels

There have been many innovative and creative job postings that have come to be over the past couple of years. 

Some would say that employers have become more creative in their job specs due to the physical and mental advancements that have taken place recently. 

Not only has social media become a booming force in the whole world, the need to understand social behaviour has become more appealing than ever. 

This is why this job is by far one of the most exceptional that we have seen. 

A job posted by a New York company called Casper, interestingly enough, is looking for 'Casper Sleepers'. 

According to the job posting on their website, "Casper Sleepers will sleep in our stores, and in unexpected settings out in the world."

This literally goes against the saying and the outcome of 'sleeping on the job'. 

Casper is a one-stop bedding shop and we can therefore understand why they would want someone to market the comfort they provide. 

The 'Casper Sleeper' will be required to do some work when they are awake. One of their responsibilities requires them to share their experience as a professional sleeper on social media. 

"The ideal candidate should have an "exceptional sleeping ability," a "desire to sleep as much as possible," and of course, the "ability to sleep through anything."

    In addition to being paid to sleep, "successful candidates will enjoy being able to wear pyjamas to work, limited free Casper products, and the flexibility of a part-time schedule." (CNN)

    As part of their application, candidates are encouraged to show off their exceptional sleeping capabilities on TikTok. 

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    Image Credit: Pexels

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