Turning balloons into fine furniture - yay or nay?

Turning balloons into fine furniture - yay or nay?

Blow-up balloon furniture, anyone?

Balloon furniture
Balloon furniture/Instagram Screenshot/@seungjin_yang_

Bespoke furniture is something that most people have migrated toward over the years. 

And why wouldn't they, because having a piece of furniture that is different is definitely a great talking point. 

Since "Vogue anointed puffy furniture 2021's most delightful home trend" last year May, it has obviously become something of thing. 

But what is amazing is when artists take trends and re-interpret them. 

"South Korean artist, Seungjin Yang, makes candy-colored, bulbous chairs, stools and benches with a twist -- his pieces are made out of actual blow-up balloons." (CNN)

The rubber designed furniture is both sturdy and fashionable. 

"Each furnishing takes around two weeks to create, and Yang says they "cannot be burst" thanks to a special coating of epoxy resin. The process basically involves the balloons being inflated "and then molded into various shapes to form each part of the design." (CNN)

So the question is, would you buy balloon furniture? 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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