WATCH: Does this car scratch hack really work or is it temporary?

WATCH: Does this car scratch hack really work or is it temporary?

Anything to cut costs and avoid a visit to the panel beaters...

Bumper of car scratched
Bumper of car scratched/Instagram Screenshot/@cleaningwithgabie

The amount of trends and hacks that we come across on social media is limitless. 

But there is this innate part of us that want to try it out. It's the appeal or should we say curiosity that we find irresistible. 

This hack is all about saving money. Not only can it help with your insurance and fix your car of the scratches but it also appeals to that curious part of us. 

A hack about mixing two liquids together to remove scratches from your car body, has people excited and skeptical. 

The video shows a person mixing 2tbsp of coconut oil with 2tbsp of vinegar. Then you can take a soft cloth and apply it to the scratch. 

The woman who tries it on her vehicle scratches, is happy with the result. 

But the question of the type of scratch as well as the possibility of damaging your paintwork more with the combination of this solvent and oil is not covered. 

Nevertheless, we can understand the appeal in wanting to try it out. 

The possibility of further damaging your car is much worse than our urge to fulfil our curious natures. 

Many people commented saying that this was a temporary fix. 


WATCH the video below, and tell us what you think. 

Courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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