WATCH: Famous bridge in Muizenberg devours another truck!

WATCH: Famous bridge in Muizenberg devours another truck!

Even bridges get hungry for some action...

Truck stuck under the Muizenberg bridge
Truck stuck under the Muizenberg bridge/Facebook/@MuizenbergsFamousTruckeatingBridge

We love it when a good community Facebook group can find common ground to engage with one another. 

It so happens that there is a page dedicated to a bridge in Muizenberg, the page is entitled: "Muizenberg's Famous Truck-Eating Bridge". 

As for the description of the page, it says that it has been dedicated "to over forty years of regular crashes at the Atlantic Road Rail Bridge." (Facebook)

It seems this bridge that was built in 1882, and has been named Bridget or Biddy by its lovers, has taken many a victim over the years, mostly trucks and buses, to be precise.  

Most importantly, it was built at a time when there were no cars around. 

The administrator of the Facebook page (Tessa Moore) and page contributor (Justin Patrick) shared their insight about the bridge. 

"It’s been going on regularly ever since [July 1971] … We’d be rather disappointed if council sorted it out. It could be as simple as barring trucks and buses from coming up there. They [Prasa] are not going to do anything about the bridge!" (MSN)

While Justin Patrick shared that it would be too costly for the city to excavate, the most cost-effective solution would be to implement a restriction on heavy-duty vehicles. 

Actually, we are quite surprised that this hasn't been implemented yet considering so many trucks and buses have gotten stuck there. However, there is a road warning sign, which means the drivers are being negligent. 

Check out the most recent victim from April this year. 


Check out some of the other victims the bridge has taken hostage in the past. 

Courtesy of Facebook

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