WATCH: 53-year-old man dies in freak car wash accident...

WATCH: Fifty three-year-old man dies in freak car wash accident...

Warning signs are meant to be followed, this is why?

Car going through a car wash cycle
Car going through a car wash cycle/Unsplash Website

Taking your car to the car wash can be described as a sacred thing to do for most men (and women). 

Plus it can be fun if it's those car washes that are self service. Sitting in the car whilst it goes through a wash, rinse, and dry cycle can be quite relaxing...

Sadly, this was not the case for this man. 

Reports of a 53-year-old man who visited a self service car wash in the town of Escondido, in Southern California, USA, revealed that he was found "trapped between some of the car wash equipment and his car." (MSN)

A tragic incident, but also something of a freak accident. 

The self service car wash works on a standard operating procedure where all doors and windows must be shut and occupants of the vehicle must stay inside...

The authorities are uncertain as to why he would get out of his vehicle. But an investigation is being conducted. 

Check out the news report by Fox 5 San Diego, courtesy of YouTube


As much as there aren't any details as to his intentions, it certainly is not a conventional means of passing on. 

So take this as a safety notice as well, when places with heavy duty machinery have warning signs, take heed!

Image Courtesy of Unsplash Website

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