WATCH: This thief didn't think to check if the car was unoccupied

WATCH: This thief didn't think to check if the car was unoccupied

Sometimes you have to wonder if criminals use their brains...

Guy breaking into a vehicle
Guy breaking into a vehicle/Instagram Screenshot/@allfails

In South Africa, we are not unfamiliar with crime. In all its variety, breaking and entering is quite common. 

We have certainly heard stories of criminals who have cared less that you were in the car they were jacking. 

It's certain that we can agree it is traumatising, to say the least...

Now imagine being inside your car and someone tries to gain unlawful access to it. 

Would you just sit there or say or do something? This passenger took out their phone and took a huge chance in videoing the attempt.

Luckily, the criminal got scared and walked away. It was definitely the element of surprise that took him, well, by surprise.

Nevertheless, we would definitely advise against this. 

Make some sort of movement to scare them off before they gain entry, or at the very least call the authorities...

Some people thought this to be fake, but whether or not that is true, this is still a risky and dangerous act. 

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