WATCH: Dad shamelessly embarrasses daughter at a restaurant...

WATCH: Dad shamelessly embarrasses daughter at a restaurant...

We're sure at least one of you can relate to this...

Man talking to waiter
Man talking to waiter/TikTok Screenshot/@keemokazi

We are well aware that there is a special kind of bond between dads and daughters. 

And we have to admit that there are those that are sweet and airy fairy and then there are those that thrive on honesty and that prank life. 

Whichever you attest to doesn't matter as much as the fact that you have a bond with your kid or vice versa. 

But both are fun, special, and meaningful...

In this video, we saw a father blatantly take the chance to embarrass his daughter. 

However, in his defence, perhaps it wasn't so much about intentionally embarrassing her but more centred around being honest and taking things from there. 

Because simple and honest are definitely fine words of advice from most fathers...

Watch below: 


She went under the table 😂😭

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If anything, we have to say that this was fun to watch, perhaps in hindsight it wasn't that fun to be in her shoes though. 

Dads, gotta love them...

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