WATCH: When your dad's life's purpose is to embarrass you

WATCH: When your dad's life's purpose is to embarrass you

You can't help but laugh...

Dads posing on the beach taking pics
Dads posing on the beach taking pics/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

We cannot say with certainty what it means to be a teenager these days, but if we have to try to relate, we can say that one thing has remained the same over the generations. 

Kids getting embarrassed by their parents...

Sometimes just the mere fact that we are their parents turns them red with embarrassment...

However, in this case, these dads knew exactly what they were doing and went in for the top spot with their creativity and performance. 

A third-person video of two dads fake TikTok-ing to embarrass their daughters at the beach has left us in stitches. 

At first, all you see are two men - one posing as if he is a swimsuit model for GQ and the other bending to capture that great shot with his smartphone camera. 

The copy for the post reads: "Elite dad level humor here." And we have to agree, this took some courage and real dedication to the cause.


WATCH their stellar performance (in our opinion, perhaps not-so-much their daughters') below. 

Courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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