Woman shares peak into the life of someone battling with depression...

Woman shares peak into the life of someone battling with depression...

Mental Health awareness is vital...

Woman with tangled hair and dirty apartment
Woman with tangled hair and dirty apartment/TikTok Screenshot/@BrennaLip

The picture of mental health isn't always what we assume it to be. It isn't always the broody people who show stereotypical signs of being depressed. 

It can most certainly be that person who is super active on social media, laughing and appearing to be 'okay' in the real world. 

Well, at least that's what this woman says, and we can take her word for it, since she herself admits to suffering with mental health issues. 

A TikToker who goes by the name Brenna Lip shared a video of what happened to her hair after not being able to brush through it for the longest time. The reason: depression. 

She admits that the people who are the most humourous are generally the ones who are harbouring the most emotion. 

She even went as far as to share what her home looks like because she just hasn't been able to mentally deal with life. 

WATCH what happened to her hair and pics of her apartment below. 

Courtesy of TikTok:

@brennalip Transformation of depression hair 🌟 #fyp #foryou #newyork #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #transformation ♬ original sound - Brenna Lip


Not surprisingly, her honesty about what suffering with depression really looks like was received well. 

Many people commented, sharing that they could relate to her story. 

It showed that there is a community of people who are going through this but are afraid of being stigmatised by society, so suffer in silence. 

Check out her video on cleaning up her apartment below, it was quite satisfying...

Courtesy of TikTok

@brennalip Reply to @grrlbossbabe Part 1: Cleaing my depression room / life. #fyp #foryou #mentalhealthawareness #cleaningtiktok #cleaning #nyc ♬ original sound - Brenna Lip

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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