Well-balance life with MNI – Cholesterol, The Silent Killer

Well-balance life with MNI – Cholesterol, The Silent Killer

Over the past 20 years The Medical Nutritional Institute (MNI) has developed a range of proven healthcare solutions targeting the underlying cause of the clinical components and lifestyle related conditions associated with the Metabolic Syndrome.

MNI Cholesterol The Silent Killer

High cholesterol is one of the key components of the Metabolic Syndrome, which is our core focus of diseases. With high cholesterol, because you can’t see or don’t really feel the effects of it until it’s too late, we must all be careful and aware and check our levels. Why? Because more people die from heart attacks or strokes as a result of high cholesterol in a year, than all the cancers combined.

Furthermore, raised triglyceride levels are an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease and therefore should be treated.

The good news is that just a 10% reduction in cholesterol can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%. So, the sooner you start to do something about your cholesterol, the better you’ll feel and the healthier you’ll be.

What are the symptoms?

High cholesterol doesn’t present with a host of symptoms to serve as warning signs. So, it becomes crucial to get tested, especially if you are overweight, or have unhealthy eating or lifestyle habits.

Cholesterol-related deaths continue to rise in South Africans, so we need to start managing our cholesterol levels far more proactively if we wish to extend our lifespan.

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RyChol from MNI, offers a scientific-natural solution with seriously beneficial effects.

RyChol, extended-release formulation contains a unique blend of ingredients known to reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL levels. This unique combination supports multiple pathways involved in the digestion, absorption and clearance of cholesterol and the other detrimental fats from the system.

RyChol can be used:

●       As prevention in high-risk individuals.

●       In early stages of abnormal cholesterol levels, before prescription medication becomes necessary.

●       In combination with other cholesterol lowering medications.

●       In patients intolerant or non-compliant with prescription medication.

●       Familial history of abnormal cholesterol.

Learn more: About RyChol and how it optimises healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels

What is the MNI approach and solution?

MNI has a holistic approach to healthcare and offers free cholesterol-lowering guidelines designed specifically for heart health.

Free Download: Download your free cholesterol-lowering guideline here.

Remember the MNI Product Specialists are available for your support, you can contact them directly at [email protected]

For more information visit The Medical Nutritional website at www.mnilifestyle.co.za

Introduction to RyChol from Medical Nutritional Institute on Vimeo.

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