Well-balance life with MNI – Insulin Resistance and Skin health

Well-balance life with MNI – Insulin Resistance and Skin health

MNI focus’s on the Metabolic Syndrome and one of the components is Insulin Resistance, a complex condition with many negative effects on the body.

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Insulin resistance has several pathological skin manifestations which include:

●       Hormonal acne (especially during teen years or menopause)

●       Androgenetic alopecia

●       Hirsutism (excess hair)

●       Skin pigmentation (acanthosis nigricans)

●       Development of skin tags or polyps (acrochordons) in regions such as the neck, armpits, and groin.

●       Skin inflammation

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Insulin resistance (IR) and metabolic syndrome (MetS) have also been strongly associated with other skin disorders such as psoriasis and hidradenitis suppurativa, a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by painful nodules, abscesses, and draining pits in regions such as the armpits, buttocks, and groin.

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These pathological skin changes all happen as a result of the hormonal effects that elevated insulin levels has either directly or on cellular structures in the skin, or indirectly through its regulatory effect on other metabolic pathways involved in the release and regulation of androgenic hormones, inflammatory cytokines, and growth factors.

It is important to treat the underlying cause of the skin condition and not just focusing on the symptoms. For best results, The Medical Nutritional Institute recommends a combination strategy.

Lifestyle changes play a key role in skin health, so it is important to eat healthily and stay active, and exercise a good skin care routine. And then as part of your treatment plan choose a well-researched skincare product that is scientifically supported.

Over the past 20 years MNI has developed a range of proven health care solutions and the SkinVance + Zinc combo pack is specifically formulated to combat the effect of hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance on the skin for men and women.

The SkinVance + Zinc combo pack contains a unique blend of ingredients and nutrients to optimize skin health by combatting hormonal acne and the effects of insulin resistance on the skin.

The specific ratio of the Inoline-f blend leads to more rapid improvement in insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalances.  SkinVance + Zinc combo pack also offers a strong anti-inflammatory element, calms down overactive oil gland activity and alleviate skin inflammation.

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Remember the MNI Product Specialists are available for your support, you can contact them directly at [email protected]

For more information visit The Medical Nutritional website at www.mnilifestyle.co.za

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