Well-balance life with MNI – Stay focused and healthy during exam time

Well-balance life with MNI – Stay focused and healthy during exam time

Staying healthy shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you are living with an illness or ailment, or you want to prevent getting one, finding well-researched information should be the least of your worries.

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The Medical Nutritional Institute specialises in the prevention and management of lifestyle related disease.  The aim is to form a link between orthodox and complimentary medication. While the idea to shift the focus of medical treatment from cure and more towards disease prevention is neither new nor idealistic, it is rarely achieved. Ideally, in order to achieve success in the field of disease prevention, patients would have to become better informed, more self-reliant and motivated. Help your body by choosing well researched proven health solutions.

Take a step today towards prevention and a Well Balanced lifestyle.

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 Large tasks often seem overwhelming before starting. The sheer amount of work and lack of structure can make them seem like they cannot be completed. This anxiety often leads to procrastination, as children fret about how to get started. Depending on a child’s concentration levels, tasks viewed as overwhelming can include anything from getting ready for school to a complex multi-part assignment. The following strategies can be applied to large or small tasks, and adapted according to your child’s preferred style of working, learning and concentration levels.

Goal setting is a teachable skill, as is the ability to breakdown tasks into smaller goals. This form of organisation, called “chunking”, involves starting an assignment, task or homework through first deciding what needs to be done, identifying each small step involved, and then assigning a timeline/deadlines to each goal.

Through tackling smaller goals, anxiety will be reduced, instructions made clearer and motivation increased as a sense of accomplishment can be felt when each small step is completed, rather than only at the end of the assignment. Children are also more likely to stick to smaller deadlines which require less time and concentration. Teaching them these skills is essential to helping them stay organised and deal with the increasingly busy and demanding world as they grow up.

Which exact method, how much time should be allocated to tasks, how far they should be broken down and how to represent deadlines will depend on your child’s personality, learning style, concentration ability and motivations. Use the following as an overall guide, and experiment with the above factors to see what they do best with.

Step 1: Define the task/Identify the problem

Step 2: Break down the task/problem into smaller goals

Step 3: Define these chunks as individual tasks and give them a timeline/deadlines

Step 4: Help your child to stick to these deadlines and revise whether the strategy is working

Step 5: Support your child’s mental and physical wellbeing with a well researched

supplement, daily

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NeuroVance Focus, from MNI, contains a unique blend of ingredients. This advanced combination of ingredients optimises your child’s general health by targeting multiple neurological and immunological functions simultaneously, helping your child in achieving their optimal scholastic potential while combating the effects of stress on their immune system.  NeuroVance Focus is fast working and contains no sedatives or stimulants.

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What is the MNI approach and solution?

MNI has a holistic approach to healthcare and offers free stress and concentration assessments for adults and children.

Remember the MNI Product Specialists are available for your support, you can contact them directly at [email protected]

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For more information visit The Medical Nutritional website at www.mnilifestyle.co.za

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