Well-balance life with MNI – Understanding the cause of weight gain in your teenager

Well-balance life with MNI – Understanding the cause of weight gain in your teenager

Over the past 20 years The Medical Nutritional Institute (MNI) has developed a range of proven health care solutions targeting the underlying cause of the clinical components and lifestyle related conditions associated with the Metabolic Syndrome

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Why elevated insulin levels cause weight gain

Insulin performs several different functions that may lead to the accumulation of excess body fat. Firstly, insulin regulates fat production. After a meal, when the quantity of glucose that enters the system is more than what can be used for immediate energy requirements, insulin promotes the conversion of excess sugar into fatty acids. These are subsequently grouped as larger molecules called triglycerides and transported to the fatty tissue where it is stored.

In the body, fat cells represent the ultimate energy storeroom. Starting life as a miniature pantry, these unique storage containers can rapidly expand in size to fulfil the role of a massive warehouse. Within the environment of fat cells, insulin fulfils the role of storeroom manager. By design, insulin’s tasks are to firstly to fill each warehouse to maximum capacity and then secondly, to keep stock levels as high as possible by actively preventing fat from leaving.

Inside a fat cell, however, another messenger molecule called ‘hormone-sensitive lipase’ (HSL) plays an opposing role to insulin. Acting as the dispatch manager of the warehouse, HSL has the sole task of releasing as much fat from the fat cell as possible so that it can be shipped off to fuel the metabolic furnace. In the presence of insulin, however, this biochemical function is overruled, and fat effectively stays trapped inside fat cells. Only once insulin levels drop can HSL perform its duty by mobilising and releasing fat from the warehouse.

The bottom line is that insulin not only helps you to gain weight but when levels are chronically elevated as in the presence of insulin resistance, it also makes it more difficult for you to lose weight.

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What is the MNI approach and solution?

We have a holistic approach to healthcare. Best results are achieved when a variety of strategies are implemented simultaneously.  Although lifestyle changes play an important role in your health and wellbeing its sometime just not enough, and you have to support your body further with well researched products and solutions.

Insulin resistance is a complex medical condition. You need a well-researched product that is scientifically supported to combat Insulin resistance and optimise your metabolism. This first prevents further weight gain, stabilises blood glucose and then you start losing weight.

The advanced AntaGolin formulation contains a unique blend of plant-derived ingredients, targeting multiple biochemical pathways which play a role in glucose and fat metabolism as well as the optimisation of insulin. Helping the body to store less and burn more fat.

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What is the MNI approach and solution?

MNI has a holistic approach to healthcare and offers the insulin friendly CAPE meal plan and exercise program that is available to download for free from their website

Remember the MNI Product Specialists are available for your support, you can contact them directly at [email protected]

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For more information visit The Medical Nutritional website at www.mnilifestyle.co.za

Introduction to AntaGolin from Medical Nutritional Institute on Vimeo.

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