Abandoned mall puppy gets adopted

Abandoned mall puppy gets adopted

A puppy that was severely abused was left inside a trolley at Pavilion Shopping Centre in Durban. 

A puppy with a cone around her neck
A puppy with a cone around her neck/Facebook Screenshot/@SPCAKloofandHighway

There's nothing worse than harming an animal intentionally. Well, at least in our books. 

Animals are said to be pure creatures, creatures who cannot speak up for themselves. And as much as there may be much debacle around the danger that some dogs pose, experts have revealed that we as humans have something to do with the cause of that. 

It's not always easy to have a pet, it takes lots of responsibility and patience. And the truth is that not everyone is cut out to be a pet parent. 

A puppy was left badly injured and dehydrated in a trolley at the Pavilion Shopping Centre, and this was proof of that statement. 

"When field officer Eric Simamane from the Inspectorate Department arrived, he was both saddened and angered by what he saw.

“The little face that greeted him had disfigured ears and on closer inspection a disfigured tail. Judging by her injuries it was clear this had been inflicted by a person wishing to harm the little soul,” the SPCA said." (MSN)

The following video has some harsh images of how the little pup was left, but we promise it has a happy ending. 

Courtesy of Facebook


"She was severely dehydrated, hungry and in pain. She was placed on a drip and given the necessary painkillers. Once stabilised the decision was made that she would be placed under anaesthetic in order for the vet to surgically repair her mutilation. 

The cause of her disfigurement was tightly wound elastic bands that had cut off her ears and tail,” the SPCA said." (MSN)

They also mentioned that as humans we have much to learn from animals. And the recovery and resilience of this pup, named Faith was a huge sentiment to that. 

Faith has been adopted a Mr. Barry, who came especially for her. The SPCA thanked everyone who helped in the rehabilitation of young Faith. 

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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