After getting ill, she turned her pain into passion with her 'Kephir' business idea...

After getting ill, she turned her pain into passion with her 'Kephir' business idea...

Even haemorrhoids weren't a match for her determination and passion...

A bowl of yoghurt and a plate of Kefir
A bowl of yoghurt and a plate of Kefir/Facebook/@KeproProbiotic

Nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to the lengths a woman will go to in order to achieve her goals. 

Especially a South African woman. 

We are even more proud because this woman isn't just South African, but from KwaMashu, a part of KZN that is booming with talent and skill. 

We heard about Busi Gumede recently who is changing the way we look at our gut health. 

After going through a painful experience with haemorrhoids, she was told by a friend to use Kephir, a natural probiotic that would help her body stay safe against haemorrhoids in the future. 

Since she had a background in food science, Gumede began researching the Kephir culture. And when we say researching, she went on down the rabbit hole and found out everything she could...

She told The Daily News: "“I travelled from Europe, Denmark and Germany, trying to figure out how it’s made, how it’s protected so that it does not die during the production process and just doing general research of the positive impacts Kephir has.

“I spent a lot of time researching it. I spent more time with Alla Foods in Denmark seeing how they process it and I had them take me through the whole process,” she said." (MSN)

Sadly, after returning from her travels and research extravaganza, she came home to the battle of getting funding. 

Feeling disappointed in the government, who rejected her business idea, she said that she and her team put every cent they had in their savings into the project. 

That is how much they believed in their project. 


"Gumede was excited to change people’s lives as through her research she discovered that daily intake of kephir guaranteed a person their required daily nutrition as it is a good microbe and a very beneficial culture." (MSN)

The company, KePro, has launched and will be available at Checkers stores. With 60 employees and a passion for good health, we can see great things for this lady. 

Thank you for reminding us that sometimes when one door closes, there is always another waiting for you to open...

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