To avoid losing her home, she married her cat

To avoid losing her home, she married her cat

Uh, say what now?

Traumatised cat

In our line of work, we hear some crazy stories, but this one has got to take the cat litter...

A woman who lives in the United Kingdom has recently found a loophole to get around rental restrictions with regards to keeping her pet cat...


She said 'I do' the feline way...

Whatever that means?

Deborah Hodge has had to previously rehome three pets due to rental restrictions. This time she was not about to have that!

Her dearest cat, India, is described as the "most important" thing to her after her children, and she could not lose her due to landlord specifications...

"Facing eviction and terrified of losing her five-year-old feline, the single mother of two held a civil ceremony on April 19 to tie the knot." (NDTV)

She told Express that "by marrying India, I need any future landlords to know that we come as a package and we cannot be separated under any circumstances as she is as important to me as the children."

Now that's a whole new level of commitment to your furry family members...

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Hodge has blatantly expressed that nothing will tear her away from India and that she would rather live on the streets than part with her.

Mmm, that's a lot to think about in one go. We have so many questions; what are the terms of their marriage, what if India finds love with another, or Hodge does? 

Do they sleep in the same bed? We are just fooling around, but you have to admit it is quite bizarre. We do respect the lengths she has gone to. 

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