Baby born without a brain defies the odds

Baby born without a brain defies the odds

This little boy was born with just 2% of his brain and his parents were told to abort him. 

Boy without a brain
Screenshot/Video/YouTube/Good Morning Britain

Doctors told his mother to abort him several times but she refused and today, her little boy, Noah is six-years-old and can count and surf. 

It is reported that little Noah managed to grow up to 80% of his brain by the time he was three-years-old. Reports by The Sun, say that the little boy appeared on Good Morning Britain with his parents to share his 'miraculous journey'. 

The parents explained that since they're older, they wanted to give their child a chance at life. Doctors had told the parents that their son would be severely mentally disabled — unable to talk, see, hear or eat. They also discovered that he had spina bifida and told the parents that he had very little chance of surviving. 

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His parents, Rob and Shelley have dedicated their time to his brain development and have taken him to Australia to a radical brain training centre. After brain training, he can now sit unaided and surf. The next step for Noah is to learn how to walk and ski. 

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