LISTEN: Back to School in a Pandemic – All you need to know

LISTEN: Back to School in a Pandemic – All you need to know

This year’s back-to-school rush is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. As we try to guide our little ones through childhood and schooling in the midst of a pandemic, we all have so many questions. So, Elana's discussing every parent’s current concerns with principal and early childhood development specialist, Joan Tindale.

Back to school in a pandemic

School is back!  And that means lunchboxes, playgrounds, playdates and the likes are all back, too. But this year it’s got the added element of a pandemic.

In the latest Baby Brunch podcast, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp tackles your concerns with Joan Tisdale, principal and early childhood development specialist – a woman with a passion for education and young minds and a lot if insight into what both parents and children need right now.

Listen below.

Meanwhile, Alex Simeonides, co-founder and CEO of Capital Legacy, joins Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp to talk about putting together a will and estate in South Africa.

Drafting your last will and testament may feel like you’re knocking on death’s door unnecessarily, but doesn’t a prenuptial contract knock on divorce’s door before you’re even married, anyway?

Nobody gets to choose when they go.

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You may avoid the thought of what will happen to your children and spouse after you pass away, but if your objective throughout your living existence has been to take care of them, why stop when they need you the most?

Taking control of your will and estate is another way of securing the future of your children, spouse, and loved ones. There are countless other advantages to planning your will and testament and trusts, so Elana caught up with Simeonides to help you navigate it all. 

Rather than asking, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ (which we made sure to ask), find out how to simplify an otherwise scary process by listening to the podcast below.

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