Seuns Sonder Pa’s – Are you raising your child as a single parent?

LUISTER | Seuns Sonder Pa’s – Are you raising your child as a single parent?

Being a single mom is hard – even with all the joy our little one brings into our world. And parenthood is not only about motherhood. But where is the place for fatherhood in South Africa?

Single Parenting

Over 60% of children in South Africa grow up without a father. But the work of a single mother is more than double of what you would think it would be.

Journalist Julian Jansen talks Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp through what went into his extremely significant and poignant book ‘Seuns Sonder Pa’s’, outlining the impact on households where the father is absent.

Don’t miss this pivotal podcast on fatherhood, motherhood, and parenting with hope.  Listen to it below.

Baby brunch sleep

Meanwhile, when last have you or your baby actually had a good night’s sleep? Lack of sleep affects every aspect of our lives – so imagine what it does to our little ones? When your baby is tired and you're exhausted, everything feels like it's falling apart. 

You are not a failure if your sleep routine is not working.

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In this podcast, we chat to qualified sleep consultants and moms Lindi Koekemoer and Zanda Greeff to get practical tips and tricks to enhance your baby’s sleep routine as well as yours. 

Listen to the podcast below. 

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