Barber shaves his hair off to support his client with cancer

Barber shaves his hair off to support his client with cancer

A gesture that may not mean a lot to many, but to a cancer fighter, it means a great deal...

A barber shaves off woman's hair
A barber shaves off woman's hair/Twitter Screenshot/@GoodNewsCorres1

Often there are moments in life that test us - the treacherous nature of cancer is one of those moments. 

It can come like a wave and wash over without any notice. You feel unprepared and helpless at first, but then the spirit of the fighter takes over. 

The spirit comes with a strong sense of self, but sometimes it comes with support. 

This video was an example of the sort of support we are referring to. 

Many people have gone through cancer and have come out on top, but not every cancer patient has a good ending. 

One of the key moments for many cancer patients is the hair loss brought on by chemotherapy.

We have seen many warriors steer toward taking the bold step of shaving off their hair before it begins to fall out. 

And we have to say that as much as this may be brave, it is just as emotional. 

In a video, we see a woman who is getting her hair shaved off. The emotions are high, but the barber's sincerity throughout the process is so endearing. 

And what he does in the end, shows humble and genuine support. 


WATCH the video below, courtesy of Twitter.

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Image Courtesy of Twitter

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