Boy tells mom she's not allowed to go out with friends anymore

Boy tells mom she's not allowed to go out with friends anymore

"Don't go ever again, mama!" 

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Mom's life is sadly a life filled with some guilt. 

We're uncertain as to whether it is hormonal, but feeling guilty for leaving your little ones is always a thing for most mothers. 

What's worse is when your kids make you feel even more guilty for putting yourself first. 

One mother who shared how her son responded to a night out she had with a friend was a classic example of why mom guilt exists. 

This little man was not having it. He was very expressive about how his mom should not be allowed to go anywhere anymore. 

We loved how he said the wrong word and was so oblivious to it. 

Watch him give his mom a good talking to. Courtesy of TikTok

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We have to say we cannot help but chuck out a little giggle, considering he was so serious. 

Ah, kids, they really know what to do to keep us going. Guilt or no guilt, these kids are the light of our lives. 

And, moms, as much as mom guilt is a thing, don't let it stop you from prioritising 'me time'. Time away will surely make you a better mother. 

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