Brand South Africa's #PlayYourPart: Goliath and Goliath use comedy to build a better SA

Brand South Africa's #PlayYourPart: Goliath and Goliath use comedy to build a better SA

Goliath and Goliath are using their comedy to play their part in making South Africa a better place. The Brand SA ambassadors chat to us about paying it forward. 

Goliath and Goliath
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There is nothing better in life than finding your purpose and using your talents to serve others. This is exactly what comedians Goliath and Goliath are doing.

The comedy giants have taken comedy from bars to the boardroom, and now they are using it to better the lives of many young ones in schools around the country as part of the ‘Play Your Part’ initiative by Brand SA. 

We caught up with them to chat about their work in making South Africa a better place. 

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. How have you been using comedy to help address some of the ills in South Africa?

Comedy has a great way of turning something really serious into something we can easily talk about. It allows for engagement on topics we usually keep to ourselves or close friends and family. Laughter has a way of transferring positive energy, even about bad things, to others without saying anything. It brings a sense of warmth and comfort to people without them knowing why they feel so refreshed and healthy, that’s why doctors say laughter is the best medicine!

How did you get involved with 'Brand SA'?

We started our journey with 'Brand SA' in 2018 when they approached us to be ‘Play Your Part’ ambassadors and spread a message to young people that they can make a change and start today with what they have around them and in their community. We all come from similar communities and situations and managed to use our creativity and passion to create a business that now has the roots to grow to new heights. We were thrilled to be asked to be part of the ‘Brand SA’ family and work on the most important brand in the country!

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How important is it to pay it forward?

The most important, because it always comes back to you no matter how far in the future. Paying it forward is a way of giving back for all the blessings you receive in life and so, if you are blessed, you need to bless others.

Earlier this year, you were involved in a project with 'Ravensmead High' in Cape Town. Can you tell us about the work you have been doing with schools in South Africa as part of the 'Play Your Part in Schools' activation programme?

The programme has been so great to spread a different message to the youth. Instead of just jokes, it is an opportunity to spread the importance of hard work and doing things for yourself to make a better community and life in general for yourself. It is a way to show these young people that you don’t necessarily need to have a regular job to make money and be satisfied in your career. The programme speaks to matric students at schools around the country. These young people are at a critical stage in their lives, where decisions made now will make a huge impact on their entire lives, so the aim is to get them to realise what talents they have and use those to the benefit of themselves and the community. The incorporation of other community ambassadors playing their part also speaks to the message and ensures the learners see that it is possible to make changes in any way, big or small. We hope that the programme will reach more learners in the future as this has been inspiring to see how much some of them are doing already.

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Tell us more about the masterclass, 'Play Your Part: Turn Your Ideas into Currency'.

Donovan Goliath is the curator of this theme and we merely just add in our stories. His idea is to showcase us using creativity to earn a living, something that we were not taught growing up.

It became apparent to us that following a creative path can lead to great rewards and careers, as without creativity we are nothing. But while we were growing up, it was not encouraged. It was fine to perform on stage or practice drawing outside of normal school hours because the safe options kept the bills paid. We believe that young people in this day and age have more opportunities in creative fields to express themselves than ever before and that even if you feel like you are disadvantaged or outside of society, if you keep on pushing everyday, you will succeed and beat the critics! 

The Masterclass is a journey of our brand, 'Goliath and Goliath', and the steps we took and are still taking to get there.

How can ordinary South Africans use their gifts and talents to make South Africa a better place?

Find out what your community is lacking and fill that gap. Put on shows for kids during school holidays, go and read to the elderly at community centres. At a school in Katanga, Port Elizabeth, a young gent had started a dance school to keep young children off the streets. He goes to fetch them and teaches them how to perform. There are many things you could do that don’t cost anything but time. Give of your time and the community will give back and grow stronger.

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