Bullying Prevention: Comfort from children's books

Bullying Prevention: Comfort from children's books

There's a lot we can learn from working through our challenges, and bullying is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that many parents must work through - so, getting a little help, is always welcome! 

Bullying Baby Brunch Podcast Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

'Noko The Knight' is a beautiful children's book series, written by our guest this week, Eleni Theodorou, that aims to spread awareness & help with the bullying problem. 

Noko The Knight' has also partnered with the National Children's Theatre, bringing valuable lessons to life for children through Theatre in Education (TIE). 

Your school can benefit from the programme, and the Noko the Knight Lesson Plans. See more details on their website at www.nokotheknight.co.za 

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