Cutest extrovert celebrates his birthday

Cutest extrovert celebrates his birthday

We agree that this could be the best reaction ever!

A young boy blows out his birthday candle with his dad
A young boy blows out his birthday candle with his dad/TikTok Screenshot/@johjohmurphy

Google defines an extrovert as "an outgoing, socially confident person".

Parents of a two-year-old boy don't have to consult a dictionary to know that their little boy is an extrovert. 

They posted a short clip of his 2nd birthday party and there was no doubt that he was the life of the party. 

Some interesting points about extroverts...

"Extroverts draw energy from social interactions. People who are extroverts tend to feel excited about spending time with other people. They have a lot of social confidence and tend to have high self-esteem in general. Other people often describe them as sociable, friendly, and talkative." (VeryWellMind)

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@johjohmurphy Best reaction ever! #birthday #reaction #fyp #zyxcba #baby ♬ original sound - johjohmurphy

It was the sheer excitement in his eyes about having a celebration that made us smile. It was a simple cupcake and his family's singing that made him happy. 

If that's not humble and wholesome, then we don't know what is. 

We live in a society of people who are willing to go into debt to have a fancy cake and elaborate party for their kids and yet this child was simply happy with a humble cupcake. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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