Dad makes a mess in the kitchen to keep kids happy

Dad makes a mess in the kitchen to keep kids happy

It's like they say, kids learn by being messy...

Flour with smiling face on parquet flooring
Flour with smiling face on parquet flooring/Pexels/@Juan Pablo Serrano

Dads are notorious for making the impossible possible for their kids...

With their ability to think without limitation, dads can be the heroes for their kids. 

One dad even came down on mom asking her not to take away a special moment he helped create for their little girl. This generation of parents isn't just focused on giving their kids a better life using things, but are more focused on using experiences. 

In the video, we see the mom walk in on the dad holding their baby girl while their toddler was making snow angels on the kitchen floor with make-believe snow (flour). 

The dad's reaction was priceless; he was completely dedicated to making sure their little girl got to play with 'snow'. 

And more than that, he didn't want to burst her bubble, so, he asked his wife to let it go. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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