Dog climbs on stove and accidentally sets home on fire

Dog climbs on stove and accidentally sets home on fire

Call the Paw Patrol...

A dog stands up on a stove
A dog stands up on a stove/Instagram Screenshot/@bbcnews

As our kids grow, we prepare our homes for their safety. We baby-proof our homes and ensure our kids avoid hazardous things such as stoves or electrical outlets. 

But do we do the same for our pets?

A dog accidentally set a house on fire by switching on the stove. A video shows how the incident started when the dog leaned on the stove and switched it on. 

The items left on the stove caught alight and the fire spread. 

Luckily, the owner could put the fire out, which was not as bad as it could've been. 

Watch the video from Instagram

"The homeowner - who put out the fire - was treated for smoke inhalation, and no other injuries to people or pets were reported." (Instagram)

It makes us wonder if pet-proofing should become a thing..

Check out the video of a fire that spread through several factories in Durban, KZN earlier this week. Video courtesy of X

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