Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp shares tips on how your child can cope in a tech-savvy world and other parenting pointers

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp shares tips on how your child can cope in a tech-savvy world

You are not a bad parent if you do not read up on every parenting method or trend as soon as it erupts, but these parenting tips could make your life as parent a bit easier.


From putting the feeding process into your baby’s control to taking control of how much unhealthy food your toddler is exposed to – is there a right or wrong method? And what’s the latest on keeping tabs on your children’s phone usage?  

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To make it easier for you to balance all of the other amazing moments that come with being a mom or dad, the Workzone's Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp has put together a range of parenting pointers for you to equip yourself with.

How to teach your child to navigate a tech-savvy world

The fear is real! From tangible dangers to indirect psychological damage – this technologically advanced world has as many risks as it has offerings of convenience. Discover how to use it right in this important article, by a mom and for moms. 

According to You, Baby and I, technology can be used to assist family members in everyday tasks and it can also give rise to future leaders and in touch participants of society, but it can also isolate them from those closest to them. 

"The only way parents can control technology is by deciding when their children are ready to adopt it. This depends on the maturity of the child and how they use the technology. Some children can use technology wisely and not be consumed by it. Technology was designed to enhance our lives but it can be all-encompassing to those who do not realise its commercial and addictive effects."

Unicorn parenting and 

Do you know what a unicorn mom is? You could be one yourself! In a recently published an article by Parent24, they perfectly explains what unicorn parenting is all about and exactly how to go about this ‘unconventional’ parenting style in this special article.

"Unicorn parenting is a parenting style that is fairly unique, unconventional and to a certain extent something that's been unknown/unseen before, same as unicorns!"

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'Pester Power' and why brands direct their marketing at children

Our children need so many vital nutrients as they grow up – which you as a parent spend a lot of time and money to make sure they receive. But what happens when your little one sees an advert for an unhealthy food item, which was created to show the item in a positive light? 

In another must-read article by Parent24, they share tips on how we can protect our children from aggressive marketing, for more reasons than just making sure that they eat well.

"The food that is advertised is not fruit and vegetables, which have been shown internationally to save lives. Nor is it food that is non-processed or healthy. Children are exposed to food that is high in sugar and craves this far more than they do healthy food."

Why you should let babies be in charge of how much they eat

One of your top priorities as a new mom is to make sure your baby is maintaining a healthy weight. Parent24 explores how this relates to ‘baby-led weaning’, and about all of its other benefits for your child.

"Known as baby-led weaning, parents who follow the method believe it has lots of benefits for their baby, such as encouraging them to eat a range of foods and stay a healthy weight. Research suggests that babies who feed themselves are less likely to be fussy and more likely to eat a wider variety of food."

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