Elderly people share life advice for younger generation

Elderly people share life advice for younger generation

Sometimes you just need to take the word of those who have walked the path...

Elderly woman holding up a sign
Elderly woman holding up a sign/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

We rarely take the time to acknowledge what our elders have done for us. 

When you take some time to reflect on life, you realise that our parents, their parents, and so forth lived simply and they knew the secret to life. 

And as a means of reminding you of their wisdom, we found a wonderful collection of elderly people from nursing homes who took the time to share their advice. 

Sometimes in life, we have to look back at the people who have done it and got the T-shirt, too. 

And this group of both men and women from St. Clair Nursing Home decided to inspire. 

So, they gathered to share their best pieces of advice. 

For the most part, each of them kept it light and hearty, but one woman, Rosemary, went wholesome. She said: "Get a good education. Stay out of trouble. Don't let the little things in life get in your way of success. Use good common sense." (Instagram)

Swipe right to read their advice. 


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