Family gets up close and personal with an elephant

Family gets up close and personal with an elephant

"Yoh elephant why you all up in my space?"

Elephant extends trunk into vehicle tickling young lady
Elephant extends trunk into vehicle tickling young lady/TikTok Screenshot/@shiv_sewlal

Elephants are known as the most pristine and majestic in the wild. 

They are certainly creatures of highness and as we have seen over the years, can be quite spicy in nature. 

If they feel threatened or upset about something, they are not shy to show their true feelings. 

And when they are playful, we really do see a fun and bright side to them.

TikToker Shivika Sewlal often shares her rare skin condition and allergies with the world, but is also known for her humour. 

She recently shared videos on her family holidays and how she got to be a tourist because she had family visiting from abroad. 

They visited the majestic Tala Game Reserve and were pleasantly surprised by the number of wild animals they got to see. From rhinos to giraffes to elephants, they were thoroughly enjoying the wildlife our province had to offer. 

Check out how welcoming the elephant was to Shivika and her family. Courtesy of TikTok

@shiv_sewlal I didn’t realize how hard Elephant hairs are😅 its very prickly 👀 #elephantt #southafricantok🇿🇦 #southafricantiktok🇿🇦 ♬ original sound - SHIV

Perhaps the elephant was just trying to make conversation and was a 'space invader', you know, someone who invades your space. 

Nevertheless, her video really was a great source of entertainment. 


It didn't end there, there was another video in which she shared how the Rhinos were hovering around the toilet area and how she was too scared to go past them. 

Enjoy a laugh and watch her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@shiv_sewlal She left me alone with the animals🥲 #rhinosaurus #southafricancheck #livinginsouthafrica ♬ original sound - SHIV

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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