Family tells girl she's being adopted, makes internet weep!

Family tells girl she's being adopted, makes internet weep!

We can't stop crying each time we watch this video - grab a tissue before you click play.

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A little girl got the best news ever on her birthday when her foster parents announced that they would be adopting her and her younger siblings. The siblings had been in foster care with the family for three years while waiting for the adoption process to take place. 

For the announcement, the parents gave their eldest daughter a box that contained the good news and as she read the words, tears just started streaming down her face. Since the video was posted last week, it has been viewed over 8-million times. 

While watching the video, we couldn't help but feel for all the children going through different homes each day hoping to find a family that would love and care for them. 

On her caption, Paige Zelzuka wrote...

'This will be my favorite video I ever share. This was the day we told our daughter that we were going to be able to adopt her (and her brother and sister)! 

'She had been praying to be adopted and we found out on her birthday that it was going to happen! So the next day we gave her this surprise box! God's timing was perfect!

'Our kids spent 1,128 days in foster care, over 3 years. It is so hard on children to live in such uncertainty. 

'Adoption is amazing and we want others to know that adopting older children and sibling groups can be the most beautiful adventure you could ever have!'

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Watch the emotional video below:

Would you consider adopting children after watching this video?

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