Boy pays it forward by making over his neighbour's garden ornaments

Boy pays it forward by making over his neighbour's garden ornaments

Kindness is the key to changing our world and that's that. 

A young boy cleaning old garden ornaments
A young boy cleaning old garden ornaments/TikTok Screenshot/@raniqueroberts

We have seen a lot in these first four weeks of 2024 and even though we have seen some major challenges for many communities, we would like to think that for the most part, we are trying to stay grateful and positive.

One young boy who reminded us that it doesn't cost anything to pay kindness forward really made our day. 

A young boy from Gqeberha shared a kind gesture that he did for his neighbour, Tannie Tos. 

In the video, we see the young man at a table outdoors cleaning up some faded garden ornaments. 

He cleans the garden ornaments and then proceeds to paint them with chalk paint. He goes on to say that paying it forward and spreading kindness can make the world a happy place. 

The young boy has all the makings of a true leader and we can see that he gets a lot of his positive attitude from his mom, who is a DIYer. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@raniqueroberts kindness: (noun) the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Here's to 2024, the year of more! More kindness. More friendliness. More generosity. More consideration. #DIY #DIYraniqueroberts ♬ slow piano music(1297827) - syummacha

We loved when he said: "Mom says that everything deserves a second chance." 

This is a clear-as-day sign to spread some kindness wherever you can. You never know how that can effect change on someone's life. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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