Business mom shares her secret to not getting overwhelmed

Business mom shares her secret to not getting overwhelmed

Jorgina Heugh, a single mother and owner of Adore Her by G inspires us...

A lady talking to a group of women
A lady talking to a group of women/Facebook/@AdoreHerByG

We heard someone speak about how easy some people make it seem to jump when it comes to taking a leap of faith in your startup or passion. 

When in fact it is scary because you could easily jump and fall... ending in failure.

To which another person responded, "But, my dear, what if you fly?"

This really pushes you to think about things from a different perspective. And one woman who is flying is Adore Her by G owner Jorgina Heugh - a lady who has come from humble beginnings and is proving that you can achieve your dreams. 

Jorgina grew up in a home where her father ran his own business, which instilled values in her from a young age. 

Her own venture, Adore Her by G, "is an online eyelash retailer based in Atlantis, dedicated to offering premium-quality eyelashes to customers nationwide. Our aim is to assist individuals across South Africa in attaining their desired look, irrespective of their budget or lifestyle." (IOL)

The surprising part of her journey was when she revealed that 25% of her startup capital was from a generous investor who believed in her vision.

How often do you hear that happening?

Jorgina Heugh told IOL: "I aspire to provide my children, RJ and Gabriella, with the opportunities I never had during my own upbringing, constrained by challenging circumstances. As someone from the small town of Atlantis, where negativity often dominates the narrative, I am determined to persistently demonstrate to young individuals that one's place of origin does not dictate their future."

It can be so easy to give up before you have even begun, but Heugh's words of motivation ring loud and true. If you keep allowing others' negativity to hold you back, then you will be in the same place for a long time. 


Being a single mother didn't stop her from pursuing her dream. We loved that she shared how she handles juggling everything. 

From work to family and everything in between, it can be extremely overwhelming. Her secret is not actually a big secret, but involves asking for help. 

"By planning and preparing in advance, I avoid becoming overwhelmed. I have involved my kids and brother in my business, and all my clients are aware of this arrangement. Everyone has adjusted to the situation, relieving a significant amount of pressure on me." (IOL)

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