He always promised her a kidney if it came to that and made good on his promise...

He always promised her a kidney if it came to that and made good on his promise...

Sometimes you have to find the silver lining in everything you are going through...

Urisha and Sanjeev Deochand
Urisha and Sanjeev Deochand

True love stories are few and far between, but this one reminded us that when you love limitlessly, there is nothing you won't do for the one you love. 

Sanjeev and Urisha met in high school and their love story has been through illness, hardship, organ donation, and healing. 

When Urisha was just 14, she had kidney stones. When she went to hospital to remove them, it turned out her kidney had to be removed because it was too inflamed to operate. 

After losing her kidney, she was not aware that she needed to go for regular checkups and in 2015 after getting married, she fell pregnant. But due to extreme high blood pressure and low kidney function, she was advised to terminate her pregnancy.

In 2016, they wanted to try again and this time when she went to hospital, she found out that she in fact had chronic renal disease. 

She shared this chapter of her life with us in more detail. 

In 2021, Urisha changed doctors and found someone who was going to fight for her. Under Dr IG Randeree's supervision, she was placed on the transplant list within six months. 

It was then that their relationship took on another test. The two have been together since 2004 and Sanjeev always told her that if she ever needed a kidney, he would donate. 


Just as things were looking up for her, she got COVID-19 during the unrest, had a miscarriage, then went through depression and later lost her job. 

That's a lot for one person to take, especially with the health complications she had been facing for what seemed like an eternity. But there is always a silver lining, you just have to be willing to see it...

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Image Courtesy of Urisha Deochand

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