Hilarious mom and baby FaceSwap

Hilarious mom and baby FaceSwap

You will not be able to keep a straight face while watching this video.

Face swap with mom and baby
Screenshot/Facebook/Joanna Scaife

Have you tried this before? We think you should totally give it a try! 

FaceSwap is an App that allows you to swap faces with others using your phone's camera. 

We came across this video on Good Things Guy and thought it would be great to share. In the video, a mom, Joanna Scaife, swapped faces with her son and couldn't stop laughing, and now we can't stop laughing either.

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The video has had over 26-million views already and she hopes to be featured on the Ellen Show. To make this dream come true, you can vote here.

Watch the hilarious clip below. 

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