Frustrated mom shares what she did to get her kids to clean their messy room

Frustrated mom shares what she did to get her kids to clean their messy room

Mom shares how she has reached her wits end with telling her kids to clean their room so...

Clothes scattered on the bedroom floor
Clothes scattered on the bedroom floor/TikTok Screenshot/@mpho_mlambo

Teaching kids how to fend for themselves is something of a long haul for many parents. 

Not all children listen when we ask them to clean up after themselves. For the lack of a better reason, we think it is because they know they have us around to do things for them. 

But on the larger scale of things, we are required to empower them to care for themselves and so, the fight is real. 

One mother took to TikTok to share her frustrations with everyone. She was just tired of telling her kids to clean up their rooms. 

But it seems her requests were going unheard and so she felt she had reached her limit. 

Which led to her doing the total opposite of what she usually would do. And the crazy part is that they have laundry baskets in their bathroom, but would rather have their clothes thrown on the floor. 

Watch what she did below, courtesy of TikTok

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The good news is that her tactics actually worked in this case and they did end up cleaning up the mess. 

Many people shared her feelings of frustration. Some agreed saying that tough love is sometimes the only tool that works. 

Tan_ats_wah: "My mother used to threaten us that she would give the our clothes that are on the floor to the garbage collectors 😅 tough love really works" 

Mpho Pilane143: "I know how you feel sister atleast they made their beds I was in their room this morning I just looked at it and closed the door" 

manoko: "good wok mommy cos woow ur not alone..sometimes a feel like ke tlo hlanya ..I scream every day 🥺" 

Judging from the comments, moms are not alone in this game of screaming at their kids to clean up after themselves. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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