How would you react to your husband dancing with another woman?

How would you react to your husband dancing with another woman?

Sometimes looks can be deceiving...

A man is dancing with a woman
A man is dancing with a woman/TikTok Screenshot/@xoxotryna

As we bid farewell to the hearts, roses, and the romance that came with Valentine's Day, we notice the imperfections that come in many marriages. 

Not to be harsh, but marriage and relationships in general are hard and require a lot of work. 

So, when we see evidence of people's differences and awkward moments, we can definitely relate. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@xoxotryna My mum’s look😭🤣#xoxokhaleesi ♬ Amapiano Breakfast - Voltage of Hype & DJ Dabila

If there was no context given by the daughter, we think we would have still caught on that he was taken. 

But after some perusing, we discovered that dad is an extrovert and mum an introvert. 

Which does say a lot about many relationships like this, but doesn't necessarily mean that there is reason to worry, just mutual respect for each other is a must. 


The comments sounded really aggressive, with many people projecting from their own personal experience. 

It's obvious that being cheated on can leave many people talking from a place of pain. We think to have avoided the judgement placed on this couple, daughter dearest should not have posted this. 

Because, essentially, what she has done is fed into the stigma associated with the jealous wife and the cheating husband. 

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