Husband and wife call it quits because all she made for him was noodles!

Husband and wife call it quits because all she made for him was noodles!

Divorce by noodle - that's a first!

Bowl of noodles with gold plated spoon on table
Bowl of noodles with gold plated spoon on table/Pexels Website

It's not often that we find people airing their laundry out in public, but sometimes relationships just don't work out. 

This was one such case and at the crux of it all, it had to do with a certain type of ka-noodling...

But not the type you think...

A husband and wife in India have mutually elected for divorce due to the wife serving up a bowl of noodles for hubby for three square meals a day..

We cannot say we relate because we enjoy a well-rounded menu for our family meals. But we can certainly imagine that must've been monotonous. 

Traditionally, it has been the woman's responsibility to make sure that her husband is taken care of in all areas of life. However, this old-fashioned view has changed a lot over the years.

"The New Indian Express reports that the man grew tired of eating noodles that his wife prepared for him for breakfast, lunch and supper every single day. Eventually, this led to their divorce upon mutual consent." (MSN)

The presiding judge spoke about the divorce rate in India, sharing that couples have to stay together for at least a year before filing for divorce. We assume that this is a way of proving that they tried to work on being together before calling it quits?

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Whatever the reason, signing up for marriage should not be taken lightly. 

Over and above that, does this in fact mean that this husband had noodles for a year before approaching the idea of divorce? 

We are unsure, but if that was the case, then perhaps noodles have been made the fall guy here, what about making something else for yourself rather than accepting the noodles day in, day out..

Image Courtesy Pexels Website

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