The Indian granny who still serves as an inspiration

The Indian granny who still serves as an inspiration

If a woman in her 80s can lift weights and feel fearless, then we can have no excuses...

Granny wearing saree lifting weights
Granny wearing saree lifting weights/Instagram Screenshot/@chordia.chirag

Exercise and fitness are not always prioritised when it comes to people's lifestyles; especially the older generation. 

In the Indian community, it is definitely not something high on the list of things to do when considering the older generation.

We assume that is why the rates of diabetes and heart disease are so high in this community. But one grandmother from Chennai, India taught us that you are never too old to change. 

The late Kiran Bai started her official fitness journey in her 80s. 

But before her reign in lifting weights, and doing squats and bridges, she used to do her daily female duties around the house and in the community, which was her way of keeping fit. 

Her grandson, Chirag, started her training and she was a force to be reckoned with from there. One of the highlights of sharing her fitness journey on Instagram, besides the motivational value it offered us, was when she said: "Lifting makes me fearless." 

WATCH this well-put-together video detailing her journey. Courtesy of Instagram

Sadly, Kiran Bai passed last July and her grandson posted the below to share the sad news. 

My grandmother Kiran Bai passed away earlier this morning due to cardiorespiratory arrest after prolonged illness. She was 84 years old.

Kiran @granny.trains was a champion of strength training. She inspired the world and fellow seniors to lift weights, gain strength and confidence to stay physically independent with increasing age.

Her love for playing cards, fondness of paan, unconditional love and kindness towards all is something I will always remember.

I miss you granny!


Check out another video of this inspirational grandmother below. 

Courtesy of Instagram.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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