Is it okay to wear white to a wedding?

Is it okay to wear white to a wedding?

We're not sure about you but we think wearing white to a wedding is a slap in the face for the bride (and the groom). 

Blonde woman wearing white outfit at a wedding holding her son's hand
Blonde woman wearing white outfit at a wedding holding her son's hand/TikTok Screenshot/@specere

With romance in the air, as we celebrate the day of red and white, aka Valentine's Day, we are excited to see the love all around us. 

Valentine's Day is a great reminder to take some time out for your significant other, to make them feel special, and also a time when many couples choose to unite in union: Weddings...

Approaching the topic of weddings can be a sensitive topic for some people who are single and unhappy about their relationship status. But for the bride and the groom, it is usually considered the happiest day of their lives. 

It is more of a momentous occasion for the bride; traditionally it is the bride that has envisioned this day from the time she is a little girl. And so, naturally, there are certain things that every bride would like to happen on her special day. 

One of the unspoken (sometimes spoken) truths of weddings is that no one should out do the bride and groom. Whether that comes in the form of the behaviour or attire, it is a general rule of thumb that guests should not outshine the bridal couple. 

But it seems that people have flipped that script and don't care much for those unspoken rules anymore 

Watch this video compilation of all the people who didn't get the memo when it comes to not dressing in white for a wedding. 

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