It's never too early to give toddlers some chores

It's never too early to give toddlers some chores

Teaching them good values at a young age is definitely an empowering way of parenting.

Twins loading their laundry into the washing machine
Twins loading their laundry into the washing machine/Instagram Screenshot/@officialmartinfam

It's always hilarious when we see kids doing ordinary household chores. 

Mostly because these are things that we find so mediocre and yet they find so interesting. 

But we do agree that teaching them about responsibility from a young age is quite important. 

It's like that saying, be the parent that empowers your kids, not enables them. 

These parents decided to start their kids young, and it was a real hit with other social media users. 

Twin brothers, Caleb and Chase, are seen loading up the washing machine. And they are quite good at it. Not that it takes much effort, but they certainly make you want to do a load of washing. 

WATCH them load the machine below on Instagram


People were not as nice as we thought they would be after watching the cute video. 

We believe it was because of the sound that was used in the video, which is of another kid using profanity. But we are here for the positive comments, so here are some of them. 

@sharronlive wrote: "They are too cute and Yes start them really. A strong work ethic, helping with housework and being a family team player is vital to our children. I did the same thing with my 2 girls.. there college dorm rooms and homes today are spotless today. Good parenting" 

@drakesniki commented: "I started at that age. You learn a lot when you begin early. Only about 2595 more things to learn. They will get there."

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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