JAC's Top 5: Five sensory play ideas to keep the kids busy this holiday

JAC's Top 5: Five sensory play ideas to keep the kids busy this holiday

And the great part, each one is inexpensive...

A kid with multicoloured hand paint
A kid with multicoloured hand paint/Pexels

It's about that time again. That part of the school break where you have run out of ideas to keep the kids busy. 

Because as much as we love having them home for the holidays, it can become really stressful to keep them from saying, "Mom, I'm bored!" 

To help you out, we have found some inexpensive play ideas that you can create at home. The best part of it is that you can create it with simple home essentials. 

1. Frozen coloured cubes for ice cube drawing

Use an ice cube tray, fill each compartment with water and add different coloured food colouring. Add a stick in each cube and pop into the freezer. 

Once frozen, kids can easily pull out and draw on paper. 

2. Make a wave bottle

Use a plastic water bottle, add in food coloured water and baby oil. Shake the bottle and the water and oil mixture creates bubbles and waves. 

Minutes of entertainment...if not hours.

3. Rainbow sand drawing 

Add a picture of a rainbow on the bottom of a baking tray. Add some wet sea sand and flatten it down (as if compacting a sand cake). 

And then allow the kids to draw with their fingers to discover the underlying rainbow. 

4. Simple slime

This one is a bit science based and slightly messy so be prepared. Mix cornstarch, food colouring (your choice) and water. Mix together with a spoon and it becomes slime. 


We really like this one, because it keeps everyone busy and engaged too. 

5. Shadow drawing

Place a toy, your choice, a cow, car or doll on a piece of paper and switch the main lights off and switch on a table lamp. 

The toy's shadow will take on its space on the paper and allow your kids to trace the toy on the paper. 

To watch how each of these play ideas are made or done, check out the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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