JAC's Top 5: The phrases to teach your child to stand up for themselves

JAC's Top 5: The phrases to teach your child to stand up for themselves

Important lessons for kids, a staple part of our lives as parents...

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Boy sitting on his desk looking lonely/Pexels Website

Ensuring that our kids are empowered to stand up for themselves can be a tricky thing to accomplish. 

But we can all agree that it is something needed in all families. 

So we found some great phrases to share with your kids to help teach them to stand up for themselves. 

1. "People will say negative things, but you get to choose if you want to believe them or not."

We cannot control what other people say, but we can control how we respond. This is a very important lesson.

2. "You are strong enough to stand up for yourself on your own, but I am here for you." 

Children need to know that they are supported, it is something we all thrive on. This is why the human race works best in communities.

3. "Setting boundaries means telling the person what you are okay with and not okay with."

This one is super important, because we live in a world where we are brought up believing that setting boundaries is rude. But it is something that is healthy for our mental well-being. 

4. "Asking for help takes courage."

When you ask for help, traditionally there has been a misconception that it translates into weakness, but in fact it is quite the opposite. 

5. "Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, including you." 

Teaching your kids about respecting others and respecting themselves prepares them for all the above. So perhaps start with this one.


All in all, it is beneficial for both you as a parent and your kids to learn and apply the above in your daily lives. 

Because, in all cases, it prepares us for being better humans. 

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