JHB: An act of kindness for a father holding a denim skirt

JHB: An act of kindness for a father holding a denim skirt

A Father spent the night under a bridge just so that he could help his son achieve his dream...

Fashion Designer sketching design
Fashion Designer sketching design/Pexels

Every day we get reminded that staying thankful should very much be a part of our day-to-day routines. 

Not only because we have lots to be thankful for, but also because there is someone out there who has less than you do and yet still lives in the space of gratitude. 

Lucky Masango is one such person. He was noticed at a traffic light intersection in Centurion, Gauteng holding up a denim skirt. The denim skirt had a story and one person who was eager to find out more was Lana Brunner. 

Lana was on her way to visit her sister and after seeing Lucky holding up the denim skirt, she was intrigued. 

By the time she asked him why he had the skirt, all she heard was that his son had made the skirt from denim scraps and the traffic light changed. But she didn't let this stop her from learning more. 

According to GoodThingsGuy: “What struck me about this guy, though, was that he was a respectable-looking middle-aged gentleman, holding up one item of clothing to show the drivers that were stopped at the light: A very unusual denim skirt, which looked like it had been carefully crafted from up-cycled denim clothing." 

She then found out that Lucky wasn't trying to sell anything but was trying to help his son achieve his dream of attending design school. 

Lucky shared that he had travelled from rural Pretoria the day before and slept under a bridge just to help his son. 

"His son, Immanuel Moyo, has a dream to become a fashion designer, but the family has little, so he works with scraps of fabric. Lucky in turn, when a little money allows, heads into the city in the hopes of displaying his fashions, to raise money for Immanuel’s dream." (GoodThingsGuy)


Something drew Lana to Lucky and it seems it was written for them to meet. Shortly after their meeting, Lana asked Lucky if she could have his permission to share his story and encourage people to donate just R10 towards achieving Immanuel's dream. 

Before long, people from all over, including overseas, heard Lucky's story and were sending money to his e-wallet, which had reached its maximum transactional limit. 

A total of R6,000 was collected and Lana has encouraged Lucky to open up a bank account to raise more for Immanuel. 

Lana's ultimate hope is to get Immanuel noticed by a design school, but for now, she shared that she wants to help in every which way to achieve the South Africa that Madiba envisioned for us. 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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