Kid rests on display bed after his tantrum

Kid rests on display bed after his tantrum

They look so adorable when they are not in tantrum mode...

A toddler sleeps on a department store bed
A toddler sleeps on a department store bed/TikTok Screenshot/kerubimbuku

Going shopping with your kids can be a real challenge. It takes a solid mindset to deal with a toddler while shopping. 

As you might know, toddlers sometimes get irritable, and public tantrums are always much worse. 

Experts will say that it is all about your approach to the tantrum. But if you are a parent, you will know that it can be challenging, especially in the heat of a tantrum

A mother who wanted to share her experience decided to share the aftermath. After the tantrum, her toddler was tired (usually one of the causes of a tantrum), so he handled his business. 

The little boy is seen lying on the display bed at a Sheet Street store. 

It makes sense; tantrums can be draining. He was respectful enough to remove his shoes before he jumped on the bed. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@kerubimbuku After his Big Tantrum, he took off his shoes, went into sheet street and rested on their bed 😂🥴 #toddlersoftiktok #tantrums #toddlermom #fyp ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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