Kid spells 'Checkers' but says 'Woolworths' in funny clip

Kid spells 'Checkers' but says 'Woolworths' in funny clip

Should this mom be concerned about her kid's spelling?

A photo taken of Checkers sign at a shopping centre
A photo taken of Checkers sign at a shopping centre/Instagram Screenshot/@choothsami_memes_

It comes as no surprise to us that kids are always able to make us chuckle over some thing or the other. 

And this time it was riddled with hidden meaning. 

A mother who videoed her daughter asking her to spell the word 'Checkers', which was on the shopping mall they were parked outside, was a bit shocked by her response. 

The young girl can be heard using her phonetics and spelling out the word in Afrikaans. 

And then when asked what the word spelt, she confidently says, "Woolworths". 

Her smile just indicates to us that she is happy with her answer. And mom asks her to repeat herself, thinking that perhaps she heard wrong. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram


People were left laughing out loud at the mere depth of her answer. 

With one person saying: "That's right boo boo, we're pretending it's Woolies in this economy" 

And for the parents that are transitioning into gentle parenting, regarding the "OK", here's what one person said, "That "OK" had to be the first "OK" I've heard that carried so much realisation 😂😂" 

Another person said: "lol! the mom’s “ok” probably thinking “crap, I’m paying for tutors for the next 12 years!”" 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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