Toddler with a love for numbers shocks Mzansi

Toddler with a love for numbers shocks Mzansi

Forget about 1+1, this little man is already at 9x9...

Infant does math on a digital writing pad
Infant does math on a digital writing pad/TikTok Screenshot/@devanlovesnumbers

These kids are out here surprising us at every turn and all we can do is let their actions motivate us to level up. 

One child in particular has really shocked us with his ability to do math at the tender age of 22 months. 

Young Devan has his own TikTok account called, DevanLovesNumbers, and his mom shares videos of his love for learning. It is definitely inspiring and has stumped many people. 

In the video we came across, young Devan is eager to solve more maths sums and asks his mom for another one. 

Mom is happy to oblige and writes down four sums for him that test his adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division knowledge. 

Of course, we eagerly await to see what this young toddler does and he grabs the stylus pen and answers the sums perfectly. His knowledge just leaves us in awe and reaffirms that geniuses do exist.

Watch the amazing video below, courtesy of TikTok


22 months old toddler is showing Math skills🙏🏽

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Since this video was posted, Devan has gone viral on social media, showing off his math skills and shocking many people on the internet. 

His unwavering passion for working out maths sums really is a great example for all kids. This is because, traditionally, maths is not something that resonates well with all kids, but it is something that we all need in our lives. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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