Lesson learnt! Always wait for your nail lady

Lesson learnt! Always wait for your nail lady

Sometimes it's better to stick to what and who you know...

A lady's untidy manicured nails
A lady's untidy manicured nails/TikTok Screenshot/@lisakrystall

One of the best ways to practice self-care or love for a lady is to get her nails done. 

Whether it is a pedicure or manicure, the feeling of pampering and relaxation can really be de-stressing. 

Plus, there is the added benefit of chatting to your nail tech and all the other ladies at the salon. It's like a mini therapy session for many women. 

Generally, women find their nail person and stick to them. It's like finding the right hairdresser, once you have one, that's that.

But for some reason, this woman's nail technician wasn't at the salon on her visit and so, she had to settle for another one. 

We really felt for her because she was not happy at all with the outcome. 

Watch how her nails turned out below, courtesy of TikTok

@lisakrystall 🤣😂😭i told the lady to stop i will pay her 🤣she didnt want to hear anything about me leaving 😂🤣🤣#fypシ #nailtech ♬ original sound - sbunzima


The woman shared how she regretted going to this nail technician's chair. She even asked her to stop, but the nail technician was not having it. 

When things like this happen, there are those of us who aren't assertive enough about how we feel.

Whether that means telling a nail technician you are not happy or just speaking up for yourself with a service person, it is important to own your voice, you don't have to be rude or disrespectful, just honest. However the person takes it is up to them. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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